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What my clients are saying

Kat and Chris

"Heather was the cornerstone of my pregnancy journey and an instrumental force in my incredibly positive and empowering birth experience. As first-time parents, the unknown lay ahead, but our excitement to meet our child was undeniable. Opting for Heather was an easy choice; her extensive readiness for various birthing scenarios was matched only by her compassion, strength, and empathetic listening—values that resonated deeply with us. The decision to select a doula is monumental, and Heather went above and beyond to ensure we were at ease with her presence on the big day and informed about the process.

Our prenatal sessions were enlightening and therapeutic, strengthening our bond as a couple and clarifying our birth preferences. From the start, Heather's unwavering support was evident; she wasn't just a doula for labor but a consistent presence. Whenever decisions or medical advice arose, she armed me with objective information and evidence-based research while keeping my desires in focus—an invaluable trait.

Heather's unexpected support shone during the weeks leading to birth, as pressure to induce mounted. With 24/7 availability, she guided me through anxieties and tough decisions surrounding my overdue state. Without her, the high-stress lead-up would have likely yielded undesired outcomes.

My vision of an intervention-free, minimal medication, vaginal birth became reality under Heather's guidance. Embracing spontaneous labor and remaining at home, I marveled at my body and baby's natural rhythm, bolstered by Heather's encouragement to labor-down. This led to a remarkable fetal ejection reflex birth—an occurrence tied to feeling safe and relaxed. This detailed narrative showcases Heather's deep respect and support.

Guided by Heather as a birthing "team" member, I achieved a beautiful, spiritual birth in harmony with my medical team. Postpartum, the positive experience reverberated, shaping my overall journey. Heather's impact was profound; I wholeheartedly endorse and thank her for her pivotal role in this monumental life chapter."

Brennan and Angelica


"Heather demonstrated tremendous patience, steadfastness, mindfulness, and genuine, heartfelt care. From our first session with Heather, we noted the breadth and scope of her medical knowledge and her focus on helping us plan the birth experience we wanted, not one that she deemed "best."  As the pregnancy progressed, it was clear how seriously she took her role of supporting both mother AND father, and provided us with easily accessible, applicable information to prepare us for the times to come.  She always checked in to find out what we needed more guidance/clarification on, and tailored her services to fit our needs.  When labor and delivery arrived, she provided us the reassurance, reminders, advocacy, and genuine loving kindness that really got us through.  I will always remember a moment during labor when my partner leaned on Heather during some tough contractions, demonstrating a special, "sisterly" trust; something different than what I could provide as her loving partner.  We truly wouldn't have been able to do it without her.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Heather!"

Megan and Dave


"I am so honored to write this review for Heather!

We found Heather from a recommendation from a trusted friend who spoke very highly of her.


This was going to be our first live birth and we were so overwhelmed in not knowing what to expect and nervous that "our voice" would not be heard. From our first meeting with Heather we felt empowered and at ease. She took the time to get to know my partner and I and really listened to where we were coming from and what we pictured when we thought of giving birth to our son.


She was so knowledgeable and supportive and we both agreed that we learned SO MUCH MORE from her pre-labor sessions than we did from the multiple sessions we were offered and took from our hospital. She gave us all the information we wanted and needed and helped us think through various labor scenarios so that we were able to come up with a plan that we were confident in. I also really appreciated her intentionality towards my partner. Up until this point so much focus had been on me and I think it was very validating for both my partner and I to have someone turn towards him and provide support and information to him while on this journey towards the birth of our son. 


Also, she helped me stay grounded leading up to my sons birth when I needed extra testing to rule out complications. She helped me to calmly think through my options and also presented me with non-biased information on the situation I was facing, all while addressing and validating my emotions. Honestly, she helped me to feel seen and heard and empowered to make the best decisions for my son and I during a time when it would be so easy to feel worried and caught up in interventions that I didn't necessarily want/feel were in our best interest. 


And that's all just before labor!!!! During labor Heather was such an anchor for us! She had prepared us so well for what to expect during labor that we were able to be confident in each decision that came our way. Her presence at our bedside was immediately calming, in that we knew we had an advocate and someone to ground us when things became overwhelming. 


She created a beautiful and calming environment for us and provided hands on strategies to get me through some very intense contractions. When things went differently than I anticipated she checked in with me, as I had asked her too prior to labor, and helped me to feel empowered and confident in each decision I made. When things started to feel overwhelming and decisions had to be made about interventions she calmly helped us sort through our options.


I cannot say enough about how having her calming presence made all the difference in helping us have a labor that felt empowering, grounding, peaceful, non-traumatic and beautiful despite it going differently than I anticipated (as labors often do!). All of the pre-work she had us do, coupled with her physical presence and ability to help us think through our options certainly made all the difference to us! And, when it came time to meeting our son, the pictures she took (with our full permission) continue to be the most treasured photos of our life.


Heather also continued to check-in with us after the birth of our son, came to visit us and offered additional information and postpartum resources I found that I needed. She also helped me process my birthing experience which was so helpful. I genuinely could not recommend Heather more! Her work, reliability, knowledge, and great compassion are truly a gift and I know that she made all the difference for us. We are deeply grateful for her and that we were able to partner with such a wonderful professional and gifted person on the journey to meet our son!"

Megan and Dusty


"Heather supported my spouse and I through my first pregnancy and birth. I can not recommend Heather enough, and because of who I am, I include this bulleted list of praise:

Communication: Heather is a great communicator and well organized. She has a stellar amount of information which she shared with us in our prenatal sessions as well as email and text follow ups with added information that helped us reach our own birth plan and decisions in a supportive and informed way to meet our own goals and expectations. We are a couple who is both pragmatic and evidence-based as well as appreciate the more powerful, profound, and symbolic side of things, and Heather was great with both.

Support: I can't imagine going through labor and delivery without Heather! I can not emphasize enough how helpful she was for my spouse in building his confidence in the experience, and she remained present, energetic, and encouraging throughout. Her small touches were actually huge in the moment (mints, candles, her massage background) and she has an ability to anticipate the next steps, and kept us fully informed of what might happen next, so by time the nurses, mid-wives or doctors came in with a decision proposition, we felt well briefed by Heather to make empowered decisions.

Flexibility: We are based in Vallejo but gave birth in SF, and Heather was extremely flexible in helping us figure out that arrangement. I also gave birth almost 2 weeks after my due date and she rolled with it all the way along.

Empathy: It's clear that Heather loves what she does - supporting people in their pregnancies and births. She was also very helpful during a particularly emotional time for me, and offered to walk with me and listen, which was exactly what I needed. I highly highly recommend Heather."

Caitlin and Alfredo


"I am so pleased so write this review for Heather. Following my first birth ending in a cesarean, I knew I wanted a VBAC with my next pregnancy. From the moment I virtually met Heather via zoom she was warm, welcoming and validated my emotions like nobody ever has. She truly had my back since day 1. Encouraged me to switch providers (thank god I did!) and reassured me my entire pregnancy during any doubts I had. When I was in labor and needed her she came right away and instantly calmed the mood of the room. She supported both my husband and I through labor up until the most magical birth I think I will ever have had which I'm over the moon to say was a successful VBAC. My birth was incredibly redeeming and truly life changing and I would have never been able to do it or have had the confidence in myself without her. She also came to check in on me during my first week post partum. She was like my fairy godmother/big sister the whole way! Parts of me wish I could be pregnant forever just to have her by my side. Thank you Heather!"

Rebecca and Luke

PXL_20210518_192359870 (1)_edited.jpg

"Heather was a terrific doula for the birth of my first child. I had a great feeling about her from our first conversation: she was knowledgeable, attentive to my preferences, easy to talk to, confident, the list goes on! She was extremely organized. The prenatal meetings helped my husband and I think through what we wanted my birth to be like, understand better what it would entail, and helped prepare us as much as we could be as we headed into the unknown. Heather was very reliable and communicative. She was also prompt to respond whenever I had questions leading up to the birth. She was very responsive as I went into labor, coming to our home first before we headed to the hospital together. At the hospital Heather was encouraging and supportive. She brought us a lot of peace of mind before, during and after the birth of our daughter. Heather proactively reached out to her network for a lactation consultant, and was able to find us someone excellent who was able to come over the very next day. I'm very grateful to Heather for all of the support that she brought us during this momentous event."

Andrea and Albert


"After a C-section and more or less traumatic hospital experience with my firstborn and a desire to have a VBAC with my second, I knew I wanted to hire a doula. Someone to interact with the clinical staff, someone to support my goals, guide me during labor, and to let me and my husband preserve our emotional energy. Heather provided that to us and more. In our preliminary visist she reminded me of  what to expect going into labor at home and at the hospital; after 4 years this refresher was surprisingly helpful. She also reminded me and my husband of our rights and how we could shape our hospital experience. After laboring at home (during which she was supporting my husband via text) we met at the hospital she took charge making sure I had everything I needed and relayed all of my questions and concerns to the clinical staff. She supported me in navigating different positions during labor and had a peaceful energy just being there to support me and my husband. She was a stable presence during active labor helping me to count my pushes and encourage until I successfully delivered my daughter. I know that my hospital experience was more successful wit Heather's presence and I recommend here support to any Mother-to-be! Thank you Heather!"

Kaileen and Brendan


"This was my first pregnancy and birth, so my husband and I wanted a doula for additional support. Heather was amazing to have by our sides during pregnancy, labor, and birth. After meeting Heather, we both felt comfortable with her. Heather is extremely knowledgeable and was available to answer all the questions we had throughout pregnancy. I went into labor two weeks before my due date and Heather quickly came and stayed with us until after our son was born. She was an advocate for us in the hospital for the whole labor and delivery, and supported our decisions respectfully and consistently. She was calm and reassuring throughout my whole labor and was able to support me and also assist my husband by reminding him of ways he could be helpful. Heather provided the emotional support we needed postpartum with a few check ins. Heather is an amazing doula and we highly recommend her. Thank you for being such an important part of bringing our son into the world."

Taylor and Gil


"Heather was my doula for my first birth. I had a home birth and Heather came to my home to help before my midwife arrived. I was SO relieved and put at ease when Heather walked into the room. Her energy, touch, voice and support was so comforting for me through my whole journey. After many hours I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and I could not imagine doing it without Heather's support, I am so grateful for her and will never forget her help as I became a Mother."  

Suzanne and Trish


"Heather was absolutely irreplaceable at my birth! Having her support and breadth of knowledge was essential to feeling prepared. Her thoughtful touches, calm presence, and massages made my birth experience feel so magical, and her pictures of my baby being born are some of my favorite pictures of my entire life. I cannot recommend her enough."

Michelle and Isiah


"Heather was at my birth as a first time doula and even then she was so intuitive. We had really in-depth prenatals with lots of stories of empowerment and other elements meant to help me settle into my body for birth. During the birth I don’t really remember much but I know she was always in the right place at the right time without me having to think about it. She was very caring and I was very happy having her as my doula." 

Karin and Mike


"My husband and I would highly recommend Heather! I wanted a birth doula for my first baby as I had a lot of anxiety going into the process. We interviewed a few doula's and we clicked with Heather right away. She is organized, provided examples for how she would approach different scenarios, patient while we asked a bunch of questions, and best of all helped calm my nerves.

Pre-birth she came to our house 3 times and walked us through a well put together powerpoint to help us learn what to expect and provided tips / recommendations, which really helped me mentally prepare.

2 weeks before my due date I was unexpectedly told that I would need to be induced and she was a rockstar working quickly with her doula community to help me understand why the induction was necessary so I could make an informed decision. She was a great communicator at this time of need while I was panicking and I can't thank her enough for this.

She stayed in constant contact with my husband and I at the beginning of the induction and once I was in active labor came to the hospital right away. She helped be my advocate while at the hospital, plus coached me through the birth while also taking pictures so we would have our memories documented.

Thank you for everything Heather!"

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