Labor and Birth Support



 -Unlimited phone and email communication

-3 prenatal visits to plan for your birth and postpartum 

-On call from 37-42 weeks

-Support throughout labor, birth, and one hour after the birth 

-1 follow up postpartum visit




- A more in depth look at what my support entails

-Getting to know you and your partner on a deeper level

-Patient rights and how to navigate a hospital birth 

-Standard Procedures and other medical interventions

-Crafting a birth plan that coincides with your needs and priorities

-Hormones and stages of labor

-Comfort measures and tips for partners

-Labor positions and optimal fetal positioning

-Postpartum planning

-What to expect postpartum

-And more!

-Attendance to your labor and birth, up to one hour postpartum

-In home support before going to the hospital

-Partner support

-Adding personal touches to your birth space

-Physical support like massage and comforting touch

-Offering helpful suggestions on positions and comfort measures

-Emotional support and encouragement

-Informational support

-Keeping a critical eye on your birth space

-Formulate questions for healthcare providers

-Advocating with/for you as needed


(Sliding scale available for low income clients.)

Due to the nature of birthwork, my availability is always shifting! Please contact me to see if I have availability for your due date.


Birth Package

Labor and Birth Support 

Rates and Availability