Labor and Birth Support

"Heather was absolutely irreplaceable at my birth. Having her support and breadth of knowledge was essential to feeling prepared. Her thoughtful touches, calm presence, and massages made my birth experience feel so magical. I cannot recommend her enough." -Suzanne

Our ideas about what birth entails began to take shape long before we conceived. Through a combination of media portrayals, stories about birth from friends and family, and a lack of common knowledge about our bodies and our choices in regards to birth, our understanding informed the way we would eventually approach our own birth experience. 


But now you’re here! It’s really happening. So as we go through evidence-based information together in a way that is organized and easy to digest, equip your partner with all the tools they need to support you, and begin to make preparations, you can pull back the layers of how you’re feeling to find opportunities to look forward to your birth. 


My intention is to bring clarity to your options and  all the things you feel uncertain about by normalizing the unknown and offering validation around your fears and hopes, in turn unveiling the inherent wisdom within you. You know how to birth your baby in the way that is best for you, and though birth can be unpredictable and doesn’t always go the way you plan for, it is my hope you will be able to look back on your birthing experience as an empowered one

Birth Package Includes

-On call starting from the signing of our contract

-Unlimited phone and email communication before and after the birth

-Three prenatal visits to plan for birth and postpartum

-Support throughout active labor, birth, and up to one hour postpartum

-1 follow up postpartum visit for up to two hours

Prenatal Meetings

(Please note: If you are having a homebirth or you are going to a birth center, the informational structure of our meetings will vary. If you already have the informational support you need, we can tailor the meetings to focus on other aspects of your birth and postpartum. In addition, depending on when your due date is and when your baby decides to arrive, there may not always be time to have all three meetings. In this case if I am able I will prioritize the time we have to include the most essential information.)

First Meeting:

-Stages of Labor

-Spouse/Partner Support

-Navigating a Hospital Birth

-Your Rights

-Standard Procedures 

-Packing for the Hospital

-Crafting a Birth Plan

Second Meeting:

-Physiology of Labor

-Laboring Positions

-Optimal Fetal Positioning

-Coping Skills and Tools

-Pain Management Options

-Medical Interventions

Labor Support

Third Meeting:

-What to Expect Postpartum: Physically and Emotionally

-Postpartum Self Care and Nutrition

-Newborn Care

-Newborn Behavior

-Breastfeeding Information

-Postpartum Planning and Checklist

-Attendance to your labor and birth, starting at active labor, up to one hour postpartum

-In home support before going to the hospital

-Partner support

-Adding personal touches to your birth space

-Physical support such as counter pressure, hip squeezes, massage, and comforting touch

-Offering helpful suggestions on positions and comfort measures

-Emotional support and encouragement

-Informational support

-Keeping a critical eye on your birth space

-Helping formulate questions and facilitate communication with providers 

-Advocating with/for you as needed

-Snapping a few photos at your request!

Postpartum Follow-Up

-Assessing if you or your family have any additional needs and offering referrals for other professionals in the community such as a lactation consultant, newborn care specialist, pelvic floor specialist, etc.

-Processing the birth 

-Going over what the next few weeks with your newborn might look like

-Answering any questions you may have

Rates and Availability

Birth Package $2000

Due to the nature of birth work, my availability is always shifting. Please contact me to see if I have availability for your due date! If you cannot afford my fee, let me know and we can figure something out. Everyone deserves a doula.