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Labor and Birth Support

Virtual Birth Package


Virtual  Birth Package

This package includes birth prep, phone and zoom support during your labor and birth, and a postpartum follow up visit!


-On call starting from the signing of our contract

-Unlimited phone and email communication before and after the birth

-Three prenatal visits to plan for birth and postpartum

-Phone and zoom support for the entirety of your labor

-1 follow up postpartum visit 

Prenatal Meetings

   First Meeting:

  • Stages of Labor

  • Spouse/Partner Support

  • Navigating a Hospital Birth

  • Your Rights

  • Standard Procedures (For you and baby!) 

  • Packing for the Hospital

  • Crafting a Birth Plan

Second Meeting:

  • Physiology of Labor

  • Laboring Positions

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning

  • Coping Skills and Tools

  • Pain Management Options

  • Medical Interventions

Third Meeting:

  • What to Expect Postpartum: Physically and Emotionally

  • Postpartum Self Care and Nutrition

  • Newborn Care

  • Newborn Behavior

  • Breastfeeding Information

  • Postpartum Planning and Checklist

Virtual Labor Support

  • Phone and zoom support throughout the entirety of your labor and birth

  • Partner support

  • Offering helpful suggestions on positions and comfort measures

  • Emotional support and encouragement

  • Informational support

  • Keeping a critical eye on your birth space

  • Helping formulate questions and facilitate communication with providers 

  • Advocating with/for you as needed

  • Assuring you of what is normal and helping you navigate any changes to the birth plan

Postpartum Follow-Up

  • Assessing if you or your family have any additional needs and offering referrals for other professionals in the community such as a lactation consultant, newborn care specialist, pelvic floor specialist, etc.

  • Processing the birth 

  • Going over what the next few weeks might look like for you and your baby

  • Answering any questions you may have



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