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Green Leaves

Heather Morgan

The Earthside Doula

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Whether you're looking for someone to help you navigate it all or you're just looking for an extra set of hands to help you feel as supported as possible, I'm here.


Whether you're overwhelmed with sorting through conflicting information from outside sources and don't know where to start or whether you're already certain of what you want and just want an advocate, I'm in.


Whether you feel beautiful, fearless, empowered, organized, and confident or you feel like a hot mess, terrified, unsure, scattered, and full of doubt, I get it.

Whether you're feeling connected to your body and in love with your baby or whether you're feeling distant and not so sure about this new little human, I honor you.

Maybe it's a combination of these things that brought you here, searching for the right doula for you. No matter why you’re here I want to listen and tailor my support to mirror your strength and your unique individuality.

Your choices are a reflection of your complex journey and your inherent wisdom as to what is best for you and your family. I believe in you.

I support all people and families across the span of reproductive journeys.

Based in Vallejo, CA and serving throughout the Bay

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call/text 510-705-2773

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