Postpartum Support

(Please note: I am currently offering postpartum day support to my birth clients only. I am not offering overnight postpartum support at this time.  If you are having  a difficult time finding an available postpartum doula, please contact me so I can help you find a doula!)

"Heather was very caring. Even when she was a first time doula she was so intuitive. She was always in the right place at the right time without me having to think about it."


The postpartum period is most often observed as a medical milestone which negates the profound significance, difficulty, and impact of this beautiful time. Many new parents often lack support that is crucial in the midst of it, while simultaneously trying to navigate conflicting advice from outside sources. 

While you heal from birth and focus on bonding as a family, you can be assured that I will be there to work with you as a team to provide you and your family the support you deserve. 

The care I offer will change from moment to moment as your needs fluctuate, but each step of the way I will hold space, encourage you to trust yourself and your intuition, and remind you that you are capable: holding you while you hold your baby. 

Postpartum Planning

Whether our time together begins before or after the birth we can establish communication by going over topics like what to expect physically postpartum, basic breastfeeding tips, newborn care, how to include your partner in caring for you and the baby, ways to make sure you and your partner both feel supported, helping siblings transition, discussing your feelings about the upcoming birth, processing how the birth went, creating boundaries and expectations of visitors, self care routines, creating personalized rituals to honor this sacred time, and reflecting on your hopes and fears. 

In the period following your birth I want to encourage you to create your own private space for deep reflection and essential self care so you can establish a bond with your baby and begin to learn about yourself and your needs as a new parent of one or multiples. 

I believe that your health is essential to the health of your newborn and that your well being doesn't just deserve recognition in relation to your baby.

Postpartum Care

The support you need will evolve from day to day, so each time I arrive I will check in and assess  what needs can be met while I'm there, which may include: 

-Physical support

-Emotional/mental/spiritual support

-Breastfeeding/bottle feeding support

-Partner Support

-Extended family/friend visiting plans

-Newborn care

-Light cooking and cleaning

-Simple Errands

-Accompanying you on walks or short outings

-Nursery and household organization

-Resources and referrals for postpartum depression, lactation consultants, newborn care specialists, sleep trainers, and more

-Evidence based informational support for you to make informed choices at home or with your health care providers and pediatricians

-Text, phone, and email support during and beyond the postpartum period

Rates and Availability

$45 per hour 

Hours provided and the length of service will depend upon availability and mutual agreement. A tailored contract will be drafted.