What my my clients are saying...

Dear Reader,

When I have a client, I carve out a place especially for them. I honor and respect their time by giving as much energy and attention as I can to listening to their stories, fears, hopes, needs, and preferences so that I can mold my support to them. I pride myself on responding promptly and being available to my clients around the clock. Even beyond the ending of our contract....Once you are a client, you are always a client. I care deeply and for me, that doesn't just go away! I love updates and am always here to offer informational support and resources as needed.

In between work I prioritize rest and replenishment so that I can give from a full cup. 


I hope these testimonials speak to the fact that I take my job very seriously given the sacred, intimate, and incredibly personal nature of what I do. I try my best to see everyone as they see themselves, and consider with empathy, compassion, and great care how best to approach each and every individual.





"Heather was a terrific doula for the birth of my first child. I had a great feeling about her from our first conversation: she was knowledgeable, attentive to my preferences, easy to talk to, confident, the list goes on! Her doula services include three prenatal visits which were invaluable. She was extremely organized, had a booklet for us each meeting with space to take notes which I appreciated. These meetings helped my husband and I think through what we wanted my birth to be like, understand better what it would entail, basically they helped prepare us as much as we could be as we headed into the unknown. Heather was very reliable, communicative, flexible (for instance, we preferred meetings to be in person, and she was great with that). She was also prompt to respond whenever I had questions leading up to the birth. She was very responsive as I went into labor, coming to our home first before we headed to the hospital together. At home she provided relieving counter pressure to alleviate my back pain, suggested different helpful positions in which to labor etc. At the hospital Heather was encouraging and supportive. She brought us a lot of peace of mind before, during and after the birth of our daughter. For instance, in the days after my child's birth we were trying desperately to find a lactation consultant who could do an in person visit as soon as possible. Heather proactively reached out to her network, and was able to find us someone excellent who was able to come over the very next day (we'd reached out to quite a few people on our own though all had much longer wait times). I'm very grateful to Heather for all of the support, knowledge and again, peace of mind that she brought us during this momentous event."

-Rebecca and Luke             


"Heather was absolutely irreplaceable at my birth! Having her support and breadth of knowledge was essential to feeling prepared. Her thoughtful touches, calm presence, and massages made my birth experience feel so magical, and her pictures of my baby being born are some of my favorite pictures of my entire life. I cannot recommend her enough."

-Suzanne and Trish


"Heather was my doula for my first birth. I had a home birth and Heather came to my home to help before my midwife arrived. I was SO relieved and put at ease when Heather walked into the room. Her energy, touch, voice and support was so comforting for me through my whole journey. After many hours I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and I could not imagine doing it without Heather's support, I am so grateful for her and will never forget her help as I became a Mother."   

-Taylor and Gil

"Heather was at my birth as a first time doula and even then she was so intuitive. We had really in-depth prenatals with lots of stories of empowerment and other elements meant to help me settle into my body for birth. During the birth I don’t really remember much but I know she was always in the right place at the right time without me having to think about it. She was very caring and I was very happy having her as my doula."   

-Michelle and Isaiah