What my my clients are saying...

"Heather was absolutely irreplaceable at my birth! Having her support and breadth of knowledge was essential to feeling prepared. Her thoughtful touches, calm presence, and massages made my birth experience feel so magical, and her pictures of my baby being born are some of my favorite pictures of my entire life. I cannot recommend her enough."


-Suzanne and Trish

"Heather was my doula for my first birth this past December. I had a home birth and Heather came to my home to help before my midwife arrived. I was SO relieved and put at ease when Heather walked into the room. Her energy, touch, voice and support was so comforting for me through my whole journey. After many hours I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and I could not imagine doing it without Heather's support, I am so grateful for her and will never forget her help as I became a Mother."


-Taylor and Gil

"Heather was at my birth as a first time doula and even then she was so intuitive. We had really in-depth prenatals with lots of stories of empowerment and other elements meant to help me settle into my body for birth. During the birth I don’t really remember much but I know she was always in the right place at the right time without me having to think about it. She was very caring and I was very happy having her as my doula."

-Michelle and Isaiah