Some folks just need the basic info. Others like to know more about who they're inviting into their birth space and their homes. So if you fall into the latter group, here's a little bit about me and my life in between work.

My everyday life revolves around my two kids, including driving them to and from activities, cooking with them in the evening, reading together before bed, and taking care of our three hens and many houseplants. 

On slow days you can find me napping, curled up with a book, or on the couch watching a drama series or a movie. On local outings my kids and I like to grab a bubble tea and head to the library, the park, or the waterfront. When we are looking for an adventure we go to the beach, the forest, the zoo, a museum, or a movie. Occasionally we go on a road trip or go camping! I do have plans to take them on their first REAL vacation soon.  

I'm raising my kids to find the extraordinary in living an ordinary life and to know they are worthy, whole, and magical....just for being. 

Random Facts:

-I was born on Groundhog's Day...(Nope, I've never seen the movie.)

-My website conveys a seriousness, but in life I'm actually quite silly.

-My biggest regret in life is living in a place that doesn't have a bathtub. Never again.

-My favorite genre is post apocalyptic.

-I love cleaning and organizing. 

-I collect weird looking planters with faces and tote bags from my favorite IG artists.

-I'm obsessed with miniatures. 

-My biggest dream is to own a tiny house.

-I'm in a committed, long term, long distance relationship.

-I have fibromyalgia.

My life motto:

"I am constantly shapeshifting, adapting, and evolving." -Gabi Abrao

I look forward to getting to know you, too.